8 I 2007I 08’10”

Ulla von Brandenburg has become known for her signature tableaux vivants, silent, black and white 16mm films, which portray almost static arrangements of individuals, in carefully choreographed poses performing enigmatic gestures. In ‘8’, a film which was shot in a Baroque castle, the spaces of the present day are translated through the ghostly filter of historical reference, evoking a sense of fin de siècle malaise and connecting our own time’s uncertainties with those of the past in a metaphorical rather than narrative way.



Ulla Von Brandenburg employs a variety of media in her work, including film, drawing, collage, installation and performance. This year she had a solo exhibition at Le Plateau in Paris and she is also currently included in the Venice Biennial, in the exhibition ‘Making Worlds’, curated by Daniel Birnbaum.

8, 2007
Courtesy Art: Concept, Paris