GARLAND 1 I 2003 I 08’06”
GARLAND 5 I 2005 I 06’49”
SISSI I 2007 I 08’54”

The films of T. J. Wilcox are composed of layered, overlapping footage and have a distinct, handcrafted quality, which emphasizes the tactility and materiality of film. He shoots his material in super 8, digitally manipulates it, and converts it back to 16mm. His collage technique pinpoints the fine line between fact and fiction, the slippery nature of reality and the mediated strategies that lie behind the construction of historical narratives. His films often feature a star cast of historical characters who feature in short, silent episodes. The artist has a talent for making history personal and intimate.


T.J. WILCOX (USA/°1965)

T.J. Wilcox’s work plays with our shared fluency in the language of moving image and points to the fact that history may be constructed as fiction. His work is in major collections, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and the Goetz Collection, Munich. Recent solo exhibitions include the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Sissi, 2007, 16mm film, colour, silent
Courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London